Outside Vendors

Most of the products available through Brighton Food Co-op come from the many vendors who supply the United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) Warehouse in Indiana. (Those products are listed at the UNFI website, but can be viewed only by BFC members with UNFI accounts.) BFC also buys from vendors outside of UNFI, most of them local, or at least within the state of Michigan. Listed below are our "Outside Vendors," their websites, and the "catalogs" of their products available through BFC. These catalogs are meant to provide only a general idea of the variety of items. To see actual current offerings and prices and to order any of the items listed, you need access to the Foodclub system. When you join BFC, you are set up with a Foodclub account giving you that access. (At the same time, you are also set up with UNFI and Frontier accounts.)

Vendor 1 Zingerman's Bakeshop and Creamery Zingerman's produces a wonderful crusty bread, hand-made out of quality ingredients with no fat or preservatives. Zingerman's Pastry Kitchen also does all their baking from scratch, preparing their own fruit fillings, roasting the nuts, and making their own butter cremes for their tortes. Eggs are delivered fresh from a local supplier, and milk products come from Guernsey. Zingerman's Creamery makes handmade fresh cheeses that are bringing the dairy industry back 100 years. Made without modern fillers that get in the way of flavor, these cheeses taste of fresh milk and cream the way fresh cheeses did in the 19th century. Look for Zingerman's on the web at http://www.zingermans.com
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Vendor 2 Rosewood Cheese All Rosewood products are rbgh free, but the cheeses are not organic. The raw milk cheeses and some of the pasteurized cheeses are white. Yellow cheeses are colored using carotene, a natural food coloring derived from carrots.
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Vendor 3 Almar Orchards Almar sells organic apples and apple cider on a seasonal basis.
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Vendor 4 Motave Meadows Motave sells locally grown organic produce on a seasonal basis. Their specialty is salad greens, which they grow using a unique process that makes for really delectable salads!
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Vendor 5 Reserved for Future Vendor BFC is always open to suggestions for new suppliers, especially if they are local and organic.
Vendor 6 Stone Coop Farm Stone Coop is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm offering locally grown organic produce that varies with the seasons. In most cases, people buy shares before the growing season starts, then pick up the produce on a weekly basis as the seasons progress. In our case, through an arrangement BFC has with the farm, members can order specific produce items as part of their Outside Vendor order.
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Vendor 7 Nuts/Candy, Honey, Syrup This vendor actually consists of three separate suppliers but is treated as one vendor because orders to all three are handled by the same coordinator. Typically, members can order from only two of the three suppliers in any given month, and which two will vary from month to month (for example, nuts/candy and honey one month, then honey and maple syrup the next, then maple syrup and nuts/candy the next).
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Vendor 8 Creswick Farms This vendor, located near Muskegon, delivers a variety of grass-fed beef and lamb, heritage pork, and free-range chicken products at excellent prices.
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Click HERE for a Creswick weight guide.
Also, look for Creswick Farms on the web at http://www.creswickfarms.com.
Vendor 9 Frontier Natural Products Co-op Frontier has been providing organic and natural products since 1976. They offer organic herbs, coffee, spices, even aromatherapy. Click HERE for more information about getting Frontier products through BFC.
Vendor 10 Higher Grounds Roastery Higher Grounds provides the Coop with a wide variety of wonderful organic coffees at excellent prices. Based in Traverse City, the roastery gets its beans from fair-trade growers in many of the best coffee regions of the world, roasts the beans to perfection, then sends the coffee to us with the fresh-roasted flavor fully preserved. You can find Higher Grounds on the web at http://www.highergroundstrading.com and http://www.javaforjustice.com.

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Vendor 11 Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory The Tortilla Factory provides the Coop with traditionally-made non-GMO gluten-free tortilla products, including chips, and salsa. You can find the Tortilla Factory on the web at http://www.annarbortortilla.com.

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Special Vendors United Natural Foods UNFI is the nation's largest distributor of organic and natural products. Once you join BFC, you'll be set up with an account to begin ordering from UNFI.
Click HERE for more information about UNFI.
Special Vendors Raw Milk BFC does not handle raw milk because the outright sale of raw milk -- even in the cooperative resale sense -- is illegal in Michigan. However, we heartily endorse the drinking of raw milk and recommend several local suppliers who offer "cow share" programs that do not involve the actual sale of raw milk. For more information about raw milk and the programs we recommend, go to www.brightonfoodcoop.com/RealMilk.htm.