Brighton Food Coop Gallery

Here are some scenes from a typical Brighton Food Coop distribution. All distributions are held in the roomy, well-lighted, and nicely climate-controlled basement of Chilson Hills Church.

Former and current BFC Treasurers, Dolores Johnson and Denise Hauk, collaborate on billing paperwork. Dolores and Denise are really beaming now -- they're almost done!
The UNFI driver relaxes for a moment after the truck has been offloaded. Marilyn Mitchell (BFC Secretary) and Amy Ray check in, break out, and sort yogurt and other refrigeratable items.
Marilyn and Amy are at it again, this time weighing and bagging bulk items. Greg Smith, Diane Brady, and Deb Frazier use the cart to distribute some of the goodies.
Nicole Brown and Karen Klann prepare to tackle the produce delivery from B&B Organics. Nicole uses her laptop to calculate the cost of the produce shares.
Terra Bullock sorts out Small Picks. Nancy Nowak pauses to reenergize -- with both an energy drink and a cup of coffee!
Gina Barnowsky settles in with her kids Syriana, Gideon, and Declan while Treasurer Denise Hauk looks on... ... but Syriana and Gideon are already off and running!
Bryan Battjes tethers his dog to a door handle as he prepares to go out to get the Zingerman and Rosewood orders from his car. Denise looks on while holding Declan. Denise leads the Distribution Meeting (aka Circle Meeting).
Tina Pospeshil pauses for a healthy snack with her son, Lucas. Syriana tries to help her mom at the copier.
The 3D Team (Diane, Dolores, Denise) works on finalizing bills. Tina and Outside Vendor Coordinator Christie Winch get ready to check out as Deb cleans up in the background.
Nichole Patrick helps Terra with the Extras Table inventory. Christie, Karen, and Nicole discuss how the distribution has gone as they prepare to check out.